“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

P.S. 314 inc. is a boutique consulting agency that is designed to operate as a strategic partner with our clients. We work with innovative individuals and dynamic institutions that are determined to make a difference and have high impact. We see their potential and realize the road ahead is one that is overwhelming when navigating it alone. By forming partnerships and strategic alliances with and on behalf our clients, P.S. 314 takes “overwhelming” out of the equation through best practices, effective storytelling and deepening connections with partners and resources.


“I think that a lot of care was taken to look at who UBW is as an organization. Really taking our core values and mission to heart. And not asking us to engage in anything that would be contrary to our mission and values. I think because we are such a mission-driven organization, the plan that P.S. 314 came up with – the original plan in 2016, and the plan that we’re working on now in fall of 2017 and spring of 2018 – all of that work really takes our mission and values and puts it at the center. They know the company, our mission and values so well. They make sure to center that in their suggestions and their work with us. I think that has been one of the crucial parts of our work together because like every organization, UBW has worked with someone and they didn’t get who we are and what we do and that kind of made the work not helpful and not really relevant. So that’s what they bring to it- they do have that focus on our mission and values and our work. And they really make sure that is a part of how they engage us and how they work with us and our board.” – Renee Taylor-Foles, Organizational Advancement Partner, Urban Bush Women

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Dance Theater of Harlem

Overcoming Obstacles to Promote Dance and Engage the Community

“P.S. 314 is a group that delivers on the results. For me, they really made everything better There were challenges that we were facing and sometimes they felt insurmountable. But Pi has a way of breaking down those challenges into manageable tasks. That was a huge improvement – being able to successfully tackle those issues. Pi is able to do that in a really succinct and focused manner. She has a particular way about her work, how she works. And I think really, it was just trusting that she understood the challenges and the things that we want to accomplish. There wasn’t a huge learning curve with her. She really understands the field and understands the challenges of being a non-profit. She is able to get to the source of whatever the issue is and strategically and creatively come up with solutions.”

– Anna Glass | Executive Director, Dance Theatre of Harlem

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Weeksville Heritage Center

Management + Leadership | An Entrepreneurial Approach

“I knew that I was so caught up in the day-to-day running of the organization that I needed someone who could pull me away from the weeds and face me towards visioning and strategy. That’s why I was drawn to Pi because I knew that she could redirect my energy in a way that could be future-facing and productive. Pi is an octopus— she’s got this head that holds this immense amount of knowledge, she can send through those tentacles this venom that infuses you with your own power to do well. All of those tentacles ultimately are all of her skill sets and her knowledge and her humanistic awareness and creative tendencies— she’s an artist! These tentacles would be floating around with all of these different props and objects that lead people to knowing themselves better and thereby doing better work. Pi is one thing. You have to be a visionary leader. But the operations of P.S. 314 are just extraordinary. Very organized, very precise, and at the same time able to bend and flex to the human experience. P.S. 314 is able to operate within the reality of their client’s day-to-day life, but at the same time propel them into a more organized state of being. They’re people people, concept people, and empowerment people. I have only great things to say about P.S. 314.”

– Tia Powell-Harris, (former) President and CEO, Weeksville Heritage Center

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Black Public Media

Cultivating Donor Relationships to Support the Arts

“I was able to look at each of those various earned income streams and really understand who I needed to have in place and one of the things that was really apparent was that we actually needed someone who was a foot soldier – someone who was a step lower, someone who can grow into being a director. I would not have known that had I not had the benefit of having P.S. 314 working with me for a year.”

– Leslie Fields-Cruz | Black Public Media

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Point Made Films

Storytellers on a Quest to Dismantle Institutional Racism

“We got to a place where we could at least potentially have a whole new market and P.S. 314 helped us get there and that is cool. A lot of documentary companies and people can make films but they have no idea and no creativity around what to do after they make the film. That’s where their skill set stops. We have been cutting edge about that. Saying, “Ok well, you know, you have to put on your big girl pants and let’s go and figure out something else to do.” I feel like the distribution system has changed for documentaries several times over the last decade and we have potentially a new distribution method not just for us but also for other documentarians.” – Barb Lee | Owner, Point Made Films

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