Do You Need to Unplug?

Contributor: Charisse M. Williams

For many, the power of social distancing has created an urge to stay tuned to every update, briefing, or sound byte. A constant news cycle can provide details about scarcity, fatality, and a new, but temporarily reality that no one is prepared to accept. Much like the pandemic, staying tuned in takes a toll. In addition, it fails to provide the sense of regained control that the world is seeking during this critical period.

By asking Do You Need to Unplug?, executive and leadership coach Charisse M. Williams shares a new perspective on combatting crises. A legal expert and a driven leader in the nonprofit and social justice sectors, Ms. Williams is adept at helping others discover their strengths and purpose in challenging times. Drawing from a rich and diverse background that includes legal expertise, leadership in the nonprofit and social justice sectors, human rights, education, and program development experience, Williams reminds us that taking a step back, rather than forward, can bring comfort. P.S. 314 celebrates the tenacity of spirit of Ms. Williams, who is also a certified yoga instructor, and invites us along on her journey for harmony and alignment.

Taking a step back, rather than forward, can bring comfort.

I don’t know about you, but the weeks leading up to and following the announcement that coronavirus was a global pandemic, I was a nervous wreck.

What fueled my anxiety was that in an effort to understand what was happening, educate myself on the virus, how it spreads and how I should respond, I was consuming news and social media around the clock.

Now that I have stopped doing that, I feel 100 percent better.

Every day, we are consuming an unprecedented amount of information from our TVs, radios and the Internet. There is our conscious consumption like when we’re on social media, listening to podcasts and responding to emails, and then there is all the information scrolling by that reaches our subconscious minds.

In addition to information overload, all that stimulus and blue light from our screens is disrupting our sleep. It’s no wonder we’re so anxious and exhausted!

Here are three tips to help you unplug:

Take social media breaks:

Using an app that blocks your social media at certain times can help. My favorite app is Stay Focused.

Create a nighttime routine:

Based on your bedtime, choose a time at which you will stop watching TV, using your computer or phone.

Don’t sleep near your devices:

Charge your phone and laptop far from your bed so it’s easier to stop yourself from reaching for them late at night or as soon as your eyes open in the morning.

Charisse M. Williams is a Leadership Coach helping high-performing leaders and their teams harness their strengths, achieve their goals and flourish.