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P.S. 314 was created to address the organizational and financial challenges facing social change agents. 

leadership team
Pi-Isis Ankhra, Founder + President

Pi-Isis S. Ankhra brings more than 20 years of experience developing strategic initiatives targeted at leveraging private and public investments. Ankhra has secured over $150 million for a diverse range of institutions in the fields of arts, education, social justice and advocacy. Her strengths are in developing creative strategies and building alliances among various individuals, communities, and organizations serving the nonprofit, philanthropic and commercial sectors. 

Ankhra has worked in partnership with numerous institutions, including the Ford Foundation, Democratic National Committee, and the NAACP, among others, planning, fundraising and producing events to promote core social justice issues. In her role as an impact producer, she has designed strategic initiatives to engage targeted audiences and address social and cultural issues often underrepresented in mainstream media.

A skilled business strategist, mentor, educator, and artist, Ankhra brings a multifaceted approach to her work. Her unique value proposition comes from fusing the creative with the proven, the detail with the larger vision, and her passion with a clear approach that is manageable for each client. 

Michon Lartigue, Senior Consultant

Michon Lartigue serves as a lead matchmaker, fundraising strategist, and storyteller for P.S. 314 and is the owner of Learning This Life, LLC. As a writer, coach, and development strategist with over 20 years of experience, her work revolves around a heartfelt desire to help individuals and organizations tap into their strengths, build strong relationships, and gain clarity in achieving resource development and equity goals.

Alisa Norris, Marketing Manager

Alisa has over six years experience in the communications industry, her specialty in public relations strategy and branding has scored her national campaign recognition. Following the fate of the 2016 presidential election, her passion for creating a legacy of impact-driven work took the front seat.

Since 2018, Alisa has been responsible for establishing and maintaining the social and digital voice of the P.S. 314 brand. Currently, she also holds a role as Development Associate at Black Public Media.



Our 45-plus consultants are dedicated industry experts who bring unique expertise in organizational development, change management, revenue diversification and community engagement. Consultants work as teams representing four tracks – philanthropy, storytelling, social justice and leadership development. Together, they design creative strategies and forge partnerships that maximize the impact of our clients.  Join our social justice ecosystem. 

Our Clients are dynamic change agents who ensure we create a more equitable world

Our clients are a diverse community of individuals and institutions who work to invest in or serve on the frontlines of change. Our services are tailored for nonprofits, artist-activists, filmmakers, corporations, businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs among others.


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